Griffon Games and Bookstore
121 W. Colfax Ave.
South Bend, Indiana 46601


Hours of operation

Mondays through Thursdays 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fridays & Saturdays  10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sundays 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (6:00 PM in Dec.)


Game room hours

Fridays  7:00 PM to midnight

Saturdays  10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Sundays  11:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Phone: (574) 287-5533

We Accept



5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th

Indiana COVID 19
 Virus Stage 5 policy  in effect. The store will be open at 100% capacity for sales and browsing and our staff will be wearing face masks and St. Joseph County requires customers do so also. We are keeping our normal hours of business
(as listed above).
Game room is also holding normal Friday evening and Saturday afternoon hours. We will require that everyone attending follow the best social guidelines that we have, including use of restroom facilities and snack area. 
Check out our stock, including new releases 
on our Fa
cebook page:  Griffon Books and games

By popular demand we've returned to our regular discount pricing on
Magic the Gathering products:
36 pack booster boxes standard or mix and match $115.00
Single boosters $3.50

Check out our dice collections.
We have just added new colors to our role-play dice
and new colors to the metal dice singles and sets.
Also, new acquisitions to our second-hand books
and new additions to our used board games section.
Test marketing a "vintage" electronics section of pre-digital and early digital cameras, power supplies and PDA's.
Also some original military uniforms mostly from the WWII period. During Spring cleaning also found some of the stunt kites we used to sell in the store from 15 years ago. Go fly a kite! 


The Griffon Bookstore and Games

The Griffon Bookstore, founded in 1976 by Sarah Bird and Ken Peczkowski, is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the retail gaming industry. The Griffon has over 4,000 square feet of space on 4 levels devoted to an eclectic assortment of books, games, records, audio and video tapes, gift items, curios and miniature supplies.

Dice Sets & Card Games
The Griffon features a huge selection of gaming dice in sets, singles, and custom made dice/token bags. Always on hand are many traditional and non-traditional card games from around the world as well as card supplies such as card shufflers, card shoes, card holders, card trays, and storage boxes.
A large selection of Tarot cards as well.

Traditional Gaming
For the traditional strategy gamer the Griffon carries in stock over 20 different styles of chess sets, boards and 3 different styles of chess clocks and accessories. The classic Asian strategy games of Go, Shogi, Chinese Elephant Chess, Mah jong, and Ti-chu are always on hand in a variety of sizes and styles. We carry various styles of Cribbage boards and domino sets too.

Miniature Supplies
Miniature modelers, gamers, and diorama makers will find a wide assortment of items in stock. Included are terrain making supplies: flocking, ballast, static grass, tree flock, glues, water effects, and accessories from manufacturers such as Woodland Scenics; miniature making tools from Xuron, Xacto, and Zona; ready to make plastic kits from Airfix, Caesar, First to Fight, HAT, IMEX, Italieri, Lindberg, Mars, Pegasus, Redbox, Revell, Tamiya and Zvezda; a comprehensive line of acrylic paint colors from Vallejo; a wide variety of modeler paint brushes in sizes ranging from 3 to 25/0; glues of all types from Testor's, Zap-a-Gap, and Tamiya; mini rare earth magnets for pinning projects; bases and stands for miniatures; 1/72nd scale accent scenery in plastic and metal; and in-store sample displays.

The Griffon's new and used book selections are specialized to cover the fields of classical literature and poetry, classic and medieval history, philosophy and theology, foreign languages, science fiction, mysteries and thrillers, and perhaps one of the largest area sources of military history and reference arranged by time periods. Also, check out our bargain basement book racks of assorted books at a cost from 10-cents to one dollar.

One of a kind trinkets, artifacts and souvenirs that only the Griffon chooses to sell to its customers. Examples of past items: WWII military uniforms and medals, newspapers from the 19th century, books from the 17th century, paper currency and coins from around the world, glass miniatures, artistic collectible plates, native American arrowheads, fossils, Notre Dame sports memorabilia, American Civil War artifacts, bullets, & letters, African tribal masks, wood carvings from Poland, author-signed first edition books, artist-signed paintings and graphics, handpainted metal miniatures,
and curiosities from Russia and other countries.

Game Rooms
The Griffon boasts one of the oldest continuously running dedicated game rooms in the country. For 43 years the Griffon Game Room has hosted countless RPG games, card games, miniatures games, chess tournaments, and board games. The newly remodeled (2016/2018) rooms can accommodate over 50 players.

Stamps and Philately
Since 2000, the Griffon has been the connection point for stamp collectors in the Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan area. The Northern Indiana Philatelic Society (NIPS), which was founded in 1922, uses the Griffon as its drop off point for the purchasing and appraising of stamp collections and other related paper items such as old stock certificates, envelopes, post cards, paper money, autographs, reference books, and official documents. Ken Peczkowski is a professional appraiser with over 40 years of experience and references in the book and stamp fields. Small evaluations can be done for free on site at the book store. Call to make sure that the appraiser is available.
If you are interested in pursuing your stamp collecting hobby, we are glad to accept members at all times of the year. Our club, a member of the national American Philatelic Society, is one of the largest in the area and we provide many services to stamp collectors of all ages and levels of expertise. Due to the Covid Virus, the Club has changed format and entertains members in small groups on a reservation basis. Call 574-287-5533 for meeting dates.

South Bend - Notre Dame - St. Mary's - Michiana
So, when in South Bend, Indiana or when visiting the nearby University of Notre Dame or Saint Mary's College, stop in at The Griffon.