Gaming Schedule - Fridays, Saturdays
                                      & Sundays


7:00 PM Brown Bag Games.  Pat picks his favorite games to play and (because it's his
August 4:                          birthday) we have to play them. (Doesn't mean we have to let him win.)
                           7:00 PM  Heroclix "Plain & Simple". Build a 300pt. modern age team. Prizes from the pool.  
                                                                                                  $2 buy-in.   Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski 

Saturday            10:00 AM  Easy 8 WWII miniatures hosted by the Fire for Effect Group
August 5:             10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood New players welcome

Sunday                11:00 AM 
August 6:           

Friday               7:00 PM Board games Special event demo of the game Smash Up  New players welcome
August 11:                                                                                Hosted by Mark MacRae Waggoner
                         7:00 PM Zombicide hosted by Adam Troup  New players welcome 
                         7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play 
                         7:00 PM  Heroclix Sam Goes to College. In honor of Sam Burge going off to college next week,
                                                      he has designed his last tourney challenge. $5 buy-in. 600pts. Golden Age. 
                                                      No resources, no relics and no Goblin King nor Jakeem Thunder.
                                                      Round 1: No powers nor traits will be in effect.
                                                      Round 2: Power Outage! Throughout the round a random die roll will 
                                                                    determine which color power will be cancelled until the next roll
                                                      Round 3: Any standard power on the character card can be used, whether
                                                                    it is presently on the dial or not.
                                                      1st & 2nd placers win theInvisible Jet LE while all others will get the
                                                        Superman Ape / Flash Ape pog.     Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski    

Saturday            10:00 AM  B-17 Queen of the Skies WWII miniatures hosted by the Fire for Effect Group
August 12:                                                                                              New players welcome
Sunday              11:00 AM  No games scheduled
August 13:           


Friday                7:00 PM  Board Games from the Library hosted by Ken  New players welcome
August 18:          7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play
Saturday           10:00 AM  GenCon Weekend  Indianapolis
August 19:        

August 20:             

Friday                7:00 PM  Board Games from the Library hosted by Ken  New players welcome
August 25:          7:00 PM  Board games Love Letter Tournament special event Win a limited Wedding edition
                                         of the Love Letter Game. Hosted by Mark MacRae Waggoner
                                                                                                               New players welcome
           7:00 PM  Heroclix "Miraclo Time" $2 buy-in. 400pts. Modern Age. 4 bonus points can be
                                                         assigned to any one team member in the way of pluses (all 4 to one stat
                                                          or split up in any combination) to that character's Move, Attack, Defense,
                                                          or Damage stats. The pluses will last the entire round. Prizes from the
                                                          pool and the new Hourman LE to the winner. 
                                                                                                 Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski
                           7:00 PM  Reserved Room Game hosted by Michael Siklis              

Saturday             10:00 AM Minatures game: Battletech hosted by Friendly Fire Group
August 26:           10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood New players welcome


August 27:  

comes to the Griffon Game Room!
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