Gaming Schedule - Fridays, Saturdays
                                      & Sundays



Saturday            10:00 AM  Check your Six hosted by the Fire for Effect Group CANCELLED FOR HOLIDAY
July 1:               10:00 AM   Pathfinder RPG hosted by Jordan CANCELLED FOR HOLIDAY

Sunday                11:00 AM Champions RPG hosted by Brian Jordan
July 2:           

Friday               7:00 PM Board games Special demo of the game MYSTIC VALE hosted by
July 7:                                                                                   Mark Mackae Waggoner  New players welcome
                         7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play New players welcome!
Saturday            10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood New players welcome
July 8:                 1:00 PM  Dresden Files RPG  hosted by Frank Rozum
Sunday              11:00 AM  No games scheduled
July 9:           


Friday                7:00 PM Zombicide hosted by Adam Troup  New players welcome
July 14:               7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play
                          7:00 PM  Heroclix "Murica" $2 buy-in 400 pts. Each team must include at least one Capt.
                                         America, Steve Rogers, Miss America, Patriot or other America related character.
                                         Prizes from the pool. Silver Age.   Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski
Saturday           10:00 AM  Minatures game:  hosted by Friendly Fire Group
July 15:        
     10:00 AM  Pathfinder RPG hosted by Jordan

July 16:              

Friday                 7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play 
July 21:               7:00 PM  Board games The Captain is Dead special demo hosted by Mark Mackae Waggoner
                                                                                                               New players welcome

Saturday             10:00 AM  Minatures game: Easy Eight hosted by Friendly Fire Group
July 22:               10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood


July 23:  

 Friday                 7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play 
July 28:                7:00 PM  Board games Arcadia Quest demo hosted by Matt Slucas  New players welcome
           7:00 PM  Heroclix  "Dread Dormammu" $3 buy-in 400pts.  Special organized play event.
                                          Every member of your team will get the opportunity to gain the Mystics Team
                                          ability or Mystics immunity. Silver Age. Details provided at the event. Each player
                                          will receive a double-sided Serpent Punisher and Serpent Spider-Man bystander
                                          token that can be added to any of your teams without requiring a character to
                                          generate them.  Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski. 

Saturday              10:00 AM  Minatures game: Battletech hosted by Friendly Fire Group           
July 29:                


July 30: