Gaming Schedule - Fridays, Saturdays
                                      & Sundays


Friday                 7:00 PM          THE BIG BILL BIRTHDAY BASH          
March 2:                              Hosted by Big Bill Trophy Winners.  16 slots. Sign-ups available now. 
                                            Friends, Food, and CATAN. New players welcome 
                           7:00 PM Magic the Gathering open play.

Saturday          10:00 AM  B-17 WWII miniatures (pending event) hosted by the Fire for Effect Group
March 3:           10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood   New players welcome

Sunday             11:00 AM 
March 4:         

Friday              7:00 PM  Board Games from the Library hosted by Ken  New players welcome   
March 9:           7:00 PM   Magic the Gathering open play           
                         7:00 PM   Heroclix (Event pending)
 prizes for everyone.
                                                                                                      Hosted by Ken Andrzejewski

                10:00 AM  WWII miniatures hosted by the Fire for Effect Group  New players welcome  
March 10:               10:00 AM  Pathfinder RPG hosted by Will
Sunday                 1:00 PM  Champions RPG hosted by Brian Jordan
March 11:               Remember to reset clocks for Daylight Savings Time!


Friday                  7:00 PM  Board Games from the Library hosted by Ken.   New players welcome
March 16:            
7:00 PM  Magic the Gathering open play

Saturday                 10:00 AM  Easy Eight WWII miniatures hosted by the Fire for Effect Group 
March 17:                
10:00 AM  Pathfinder Society RPG hosted by Bill Swathwood  New players welcome
                                Noon: Dresden Files RPG 

March 18:              
 11:00 AM 


Friday                     7:00 PM  Board Games from the Library hosted by Ken  New players welcome
March 23:                7:00 PM   Magic the Gathering open play           
                                7:00 PM   Heroclix (event pending)

Saturday              10:00 AM  Starfinder RPG: 
March 24:            10:00 AM   Pathfinder RPG hosted by Will


Sunday                  1:00 PM     Champions RPG hosted by Brian Jordan             
March 25: