In the life of any business,
beyond the work of owners and employees,
many other people often play important roles in guaranteeing the success and promoting the image of a company.
The Griffon has been blessed through the years by the good intentions of many who transcend the notion of customers.

The Griffon has survived through 2 moves prior to its present location. The first Griffon was at 121-A S. Michigan St. from 1976 to 1979 then it moved across the street to 124 S. Michigan from 1979 to 1983. The present location at 121 W. Colfax Ave. was purchased from Charles Sonneborn in 1981 and remodeled for 2 years before opening.

This is by no means a complete list but it serves as a reminder to us of all those who have helped us succeed through the years in roughly chronological order.


Otto A. & Eve Bird

Robert & Virginia Peczkowski

Barry Bird

G. Marconi

John Hamilton

Robert Parker

First Source Bank

Herb Barents

Dover Publications

Jon Pickens

Bruce Humphries

Bob & Laurie Green

Lance Kizer

Dave Cheeney & Jan Gagen

Michael Shaneyfelt

Mark & Diane O'Connor

Tony & Mercedes Lackey

Caroline McGuire

Kathy Sharp

Ed Hupp

Bill & Joan Crozier

Tina Bird

Cat Francis Rambo

Dana & Linda Homo

Terry Graff

Tom Kaufmann

Bob Baldwin

Paul Hicks

Tom Frick

Harvey Weston

Robert Haggerty

Todd Kershner

Jim Clark & Jim Clarke

Rev. Howard Bowers

Cpl. Len Kruszewski

Tyler Noel

Brian Jordan

Craig Merrick

Thom Osborn

Bob Feece

Blaise Considine

Phil Patnaude

Chris Patnaude

Bob Seybold

Scott Moore

Greg Pierce

Mark Goodrich

Charles Sonneborn Sr.

John Rauner

Tony and Roni Bird

Herb & Nan Gundt

Mark & Pat Base

Marvin Base

Lance & Mary Kizer

John Chenoweth

Frank Rozum

Jim Hirsch

Marvin & Diane Hayes

Johnny Midnight

Lowell Sander Francis

Rich Zeller

Leroy & Mary Castle

Ken & Jo Ellen McCoy

Mark & Sally Hanson

Graeme Wylie

Andrew & Aislyn (Iceland) Seychrist

Elihu Feustl

Matt Knecht

Penny Booher & Michele Nowak

Mike Klowetter

Julie & Tim Wyatt

John Robinson

Kenneth Filchak Ph.D.

Lt. Steve Spadafora

Adam Troup

Matt Slucas

Kyle Metz

Cpl. Jim Maxie

Neil O'Brien

Ken Andrzejewski

Ned Green

Pat Brown

Elizabeth Slucas

Amanda Fack & Tristan Witt

 Ben & Amanda Perry