About Us

The Griffon Bookstore and Games

The Griffon Bookstore, founded in 1976 by Sarah Bird and Ken Peczkowski, is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the retail gaming industry. The Griffon has over 4,000 square feet of space on 4 levels devoted to an eclectic assortment of books, games, records, gift items and miniature supplies.

Dice Sets

The Griffon features a huge selection of gaming dice in sets, singles, and custom made dice/token bags. Always on hand are many traditional and non-traditional card games from around the world as well as card supplies such as card shufflers, card shoes, card holders, card trays, and storage boxes.

Traditional Gaming

For the traditional strategy gamer the Griffon carries in stock over 30 different styles of chess sets, boards and 6 different styles of chess clocks and accessories. The classic Asian strategy games of Go, Shogi, Chinese Chess, Mah jong, and Ti-chu are always on hand in a variety of sizes and styles.


The Griffon's new and used book selections are specialized to cover the fields of classical literature and poetry, classic and medieval history, philosophy and theology, foreign languages, science fiction, mysteries and thrillers, and perhaps one of the largest area sources of military history and reference arranged by time periods.

Game Rooms

The Griffon boasts one of the oldest continuously running dedicated game rooms in the country. For 33 years the Griffon Game Room has hosted countless RPG games, card games, miniatures games, and board games. The rooms can accommodate over 50 players.

South Bend - Notre Dame - Michiana

So, when in South Bend, Indiana or when visiting the nearby University of Notre Dame or Saint Mary's College, stop in at The Griffon.

When looking for an out of print game or for a missing piece to an existing game, contact the Griffon by email at or call us any day but Sunday between 10 am and 6pm at              574-287-5533 and ask Ken or Sarah or Penny to give you a hand.

We accept PayPal in addition to providing our own credit card services and                              we ship anywhere in the world!